Poseidon and Cerberus by the Ocean

When you're named after characters from Greek mythology, the expectation is you'd be nothing less than grand. And grand they are. These two incredible Great Dane siblings, Cerberus and Poseidon, were the sweet subjects in my recent breed call photo shoot. Such handsome boys!

When I set out to launch breed call photo shoots, the very first breed I wanted to book was the Great Dane. I'm simply enamored by their size and handsomeness. The fact that I was able to book two Danes in one shoot was a dream.

Cerberus and Poseidon's Photo Session with Mia Alicea Pet Photography

Their pet parents, Katrina & Ernie, drove an hour in for this special shoot at Dana Point where we were able to capture some awesome images of their pups together and apart.

Cerberus on the pier

The boys are only 11 months old and already a stately size. Initially, Katrina & Ernie had dreamed of buying one Great Dane puppy but ended up picking TWO from the same litter! That's a LOT of tall love in one place. And after meeting both pups, I can honestly say, I probably would have ended up with two myself! I mean, look at these boys!

Poseidon by the jetty

Thank you, Ernie and Katrina, for spending the morning driving your boys down my way for this very special shoot! It was pure pleasure working with you and your very, very tall, stunningly gorgeous pups!

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